Test ImagePlant – right now and without registration

In our demonstration you will find the complete functionalities of ImagePlant. Experience yourself how easy it is to set up your own image management with ImagePlant and share your media with others.

If you have questions about ImagePlant or would like to be guided through the demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Imageplant Demo

Here’s the demo:


→ Backend (upload, manage, distribute media)


Login for an Administrator (all rights):

  • Username: systemadmin
  • Password: systemadmin

Backend user without system administration rights:

  • Username: Medienredakteur
  • Password: Medienredakteur

Backend user who is only allowed to upload media:

  • Username: Fotografen
  • Password: Fotografen

→ Frontend (download portal for external and internal media users)


Some categories are publicly available in the frontend. Others are password protected. You will see these after login with the following data:

  • Username: Frontenduser
  • Password: Frontenduser

The demonstration will be reset at 02:00 o’clock.

Please note that multiple users can access this demonstration at the same time. The demonstration is automatically restored to its initial state at every even hour. All your entries and uploaded media will be deleted.

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